We are proud to announce that the National Network of e-CAR Vehicle Service Centres have been appointed to professionally install the MATRIX Vehicle Tracking Systems.

We know that customers are individuals with differing security needs.  In light of this, a range of tracking service packages has been designed to fulfill all your safety needs.  Contact us for rates and budget plans.


Also known as the phone-in model, the MX1 is designed to facilitate the tracking and recovery of your vehicle once you have notified the Matrix National Operations Centre.  The MX1 has all the essential features needed when recovering your vehicle becomes a reality.  The MX1 offers:

Insurance Discounts (may lower your vehicle premiums with most insurers);  FastTrac (Matrix can locate the proximity of your vehicle in under 30 seconds);  X-Ray Vision (Matrix can locate your vehicle in a basement, cargo container and/or covered areas);  Self-Powered Back-Up Battery (keeps your Matrix active, even if your vehicle’s battery is disconnected, stolen or runs flat);  National Network Coverage (Matrix can track your vehicle throughout South Africa);  Auto-Test (Matrix tests your device’s functionality at regular intervals);  24/7 National Operations Centre (24/7 access to Matrix’s recovery services);  Own Dedicated Recovery Teams (24/7 access to professional, privately-controlled recovery agents);  free recovery (free recovery with no hidden costs);  Confidence Checks (test your device anytime, for peace-of-mind assurance).


When you are looking for more than just essential security, the MX2 Enhanced Security unit is your ideal solution. With all the benefits of the MX1, this enhanced unit offers proactive, early-warning technology that allows us to identify potential dangers in the quickest possible time; often even before our customers are aware of it!  The MX2 also offers internet tracking with the added benefit of smartphone tracking.  This enables you to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicle and/or loved-ones almost anywhere, anytime and in real-time!  The MX2 offers:

Everything in the MX1 plus:  Battery Tamper Alarm (proactive alarm that alerts Matrix when your vehicle’s battery is being tampered with);  Internet Tracking (locate your vehicle anytime of the day or night);  GPS “PinPoint” Positioning (enables the exact positioning of your vehicle’s location);  Early Warning (early warning system alerts Matrix should your vehicle be driven without authorization);  Smartphone Tracking (track your vehicle anywhere, anytime with any smartphone device in real-time); Panic Button Remote Control (silent distress signal will notify Matrix that you need help – this is an optional extra for the MX2).


As our flagship vehicle tracking product, it includes all the features of the MX1 and MX2, but also offers additional value-added and personal safety services.  These go beyond traditional vehicle tracking offerings to assist you with sometimes unavoidable motoring realities.

The MX3 includes Roadside Assist (providing numerous benefits above and beyond towing);  Crash Alert (sensors that activate upon a large impact, alerting Matrix to send medical assistance);  Service Notifications (preventing negative impacts on your warranty);  Auto Logbook (no more manual logbooks required).