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Roadside Assistance

You and your dependants are covered 24 hours a day in the event that your registered vehicle is rendered immobile due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown.  This service extends to the listed bordering countries of South Africa including Lesotho and Swaziland.  A referral based service is available in Zimbabwe and Namibia.  This 24 hour assistance applies to the specific passenger vehicle(s), 4x4 vehicle(s) or light commercial vehicle(s) (less than 3.5 tonnes) registered for e-CAR Club membership.

This cover includes:

Flat Battery? We'll jump start you.
We’ll arrange and pay to have your vehicle started.  Need this service again?  We’ll gladly assist if you haven’t had the opportunity to replace the battery at an outlet on the same day.  If a replacement battery is required, we’ll cover the cost for your vehicle to be towed, subject to the limits set out in the limitation of benefits table.  The cost of the battery is for your own account.

Flat tyre? We'll change it.
We'll arrange and pay to have the spare tyre put onto your vehicle.  This service excludes costs for the repair of a tyre, parts, and wheel balancing or similar charges.  Where there is no spare tyre and/or tyre change equipment (including special wheel nuts) in the vehicle, a tow-in can be arranged.  The cost of this tow-in will be for your own account.

Ran out of fuel? Help is on the way.
If we could supply a free tank of petrol we would but for now we will send someone to assist you with 10 litres of fuel.  The cost of fuel will be for your account.  It is important that you ensure that you advise us of the exact type of fuel that your vehicle takes as e-CAR cannot be held responsible for the incorrect fuel being put into your vehicle.

Broken down? We'll tow you in.
We will arrange and pay for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest e-CAR workshop or approved RMI repairer in the event of an electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Been in an accident? We'll tow your vehicle.
We'll arrange to tow your vehicle.  This service is only offered in the event that your vehicle is not drivable and not covered for this cost under a short-term insurance policy.  At the time of the call for assistance, members with short-term insurance cover will be transferred to their relevant insurer or broker for assistance at their own expense. (Ultra Plus membership only).

Locked keys in your car? We'll get them out.
We'll arrange and pay for a locksmith to open your vehicle where this is possible.  If we can't retrieve the keys because the gears are locked or you have a smart card, we'll arrange for your vehicle to be towed, although the tow will be for your account.  This service excludes all parts, components, keys or key-cutting costs, or other similar charges.  In the event of the service provider being unable to resolve the problem where it occurred the cost for any additional assistance are for your account. (Ultra Plus membership only).

Need to store your car overnight?
Should a dealer not be open to receive your vehicle, we will arrange and pay for the safe storage of your vehicle, up to the limit on the benefits table.  (Ultra Plus membership only).

Courtesy transport
If a vehicle needs to be towed to a repairer and the incident has occurred within 100 kilometres of your residence, we will arrange courtesy transport (i.e a taxi) to a nominated destination.  You must pay the cost upfront and may then claim back the cost up to R250.  (Ultra Plus membership only).

Vehicle recovery
We will arrange and refund you on receipt of the invoice up to the amount specified in the benefits table towards the cost of collecting the vehicle and returning it to your normal place of residence after the repair has been effected.  In the event of a breakdown more than 100 kilometres from your normal place of residence, Ultra Plus members have the following additional benefits available only if the towing is arranged via the e-CAR Club assistance call centre.

Please read through the *Disclaimer.

Medical Emergency

Our 24-hour Medical Emergency line offers you and your  immediate dependants response and assistance in certain medical emergency situation as described in the limitation of benefits table.  Professional, qualified medical personnel will ensure that the most appropriate emergency service is dispatched.

This cover includes:
•  Appropriate medical transportation to the closest, most appropriate facility dependent on medical aid status.
•  You and your immediate family are covered for repatriation (within the borders of SA) or return of mortal remains to an appropriate facility at your normal place of residence after an accident.
•  Arrangements will be made for companionship or care of stranded minors, subject to the benefits table.
•  You also have access to 24-hour emergency telephonic medical information and advice, as well as general medical information.
•  After a traumatic incident, you and your immediate family have 24-hour access to telephonic trauma counseling and advice as well as approved specialised rape crisis centres.

Household Assistance

This 24-hour emergency assistance service applies to your normal place of residence (within the four walls of your house) and is available when there is a danger to you and your family, or to the property or structure (i.e., a threat to a person or assets).  We will arrange assistance from the following service providers: Ultra Plus membership Only
•  Electrician
•  Plumber
•  Locksmith
•  Glazier (Window repairs)
Assistance will also be rendered in the event of non-emergency repairs or repairs outside of the four categories listed above, in which case the account must be settled by you.

Legal Advice & Assistance

This service provides you with 24-hour legal support and advice.  Practising lawyers, legal consultants and academics will provide you with broad-based assistance including:
•  Telephonic legal advice
•  Access to standard legal documents via email/fax
•  A free 30-minute consultation on a referral basis.

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